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1、Martin Jakobsson

Okay, I guess you already know what to expect in some sense; an entirely different world. The cultural, buildings, size…everything will be vastly different.


But those things won′t help you actually navigate in China on a daily basis. Here′s some good to know when you land.


Anyone in a uniform can and will help you if you ask.


The best food is often served on the street (check reviews though so its not too dirty). Peanut nuddles are to DIE for!


If you want coffee that tastes like the one you′re used too. Either try to find the following places Starbucks(I′m Swedish, so I refuse to go here), Rich(Don′t buy anything but the coffee here.) and Mojo(Their carrot cake is to die for).


Their uber is really cheap, so use it if needed (I mostly walked everything since I wanted to see everything).


Buy water, a lot of water.


Their fruits are extremely cheap so buy a lot and bring to the hotel for evening munchies.


2、Go out late to see the cities transformed

Get used to the idea that you will gain weight…because food food food, everywhere; and as a tourist, you have to try everything! Twice or more.


Baozi is love, Baozi is life. 




 ” No clue whatever that is…but it′s not pizza.”


Try bubble tea, its all the craze nowadays.


If its Chongqing in China, dont expect your electronic map to work. All you can do is ask passers-by, or rely on feeling, although the latter is not always correct.


Don′t tip! My China Bf got a bit angry when I tried…so I guess that′s a thing over there.


Learn some basic Chinese. A lot of people(mostly students)knows pretty good English; but it never hurts to actually know how to say things like 太好啦 or 哪里可以买到包子.


Don′t go to the touristy places, because it′s not worth it and its all made to attract foreigners…so its not China china, its like “China made in China” sort of thing.


3、Carl Johnson

As far as choosing a restaurant I would suggest that when it is meal time you will see the small restaurants that are packed with people and next door a restaurant that has very few people. 


It is tempting to go to the empty restaurant. Don’t do it. The locals know the good restaurants which is why they are full. Avoid the empty ones at all costs. The exception to this are the obvious restaurants that cater to the tourists. They will be packed as well but Avoid these too.


4、Mas Miwa

You need to adapt Some culture shock:All of a sudden all the people are Chinese and it is really crowded in public places. Not much English, the mainstream language is Mandarin. It helps to know a few phrases before you go because most Chinese don’t know English, a translator like Google Translate helps.


Food in the city is diverse so you can easily survive, there are western restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut aplenty, in rural areas, plan going native. Chinese food runs a whole gamut from easy going Cantonese to hot and spicy Sichuan foods. There is exotic to mundane.


When in doubt, order noodles or a rice/beef or rice/pork dish. If the restaurant is crowded, that’s a sign the food is good and priced reasonably. Try the dumplings, baos, Chinese pizzas, rice porridge (called Joe) you will find everywhere. Many menus have pictures so you can always point at what you want, or watch other diners and point at their dish if it looks enticing to you.


Always bring some toilet paper, it is common for public restrooms not to have toilet paper or towels to dry your hand. Practice squatting because excepting 5-star hotels and McDonalds, the Chinese use squat toilets. Haha, I wont tell you that Ive learned to squat in Asia!


5、Ask for

If you have language problems, just ask young people for help. Chinese young people basically have some basic English. Common word communication is not a problem. The most important thing is that Chinese people usually speak loudly, but they are very friendly. Dont mistake it for malice!


BTW, your chances of being mugged are near zero, but like any big city, keep your money and passport in a safe place, that means not in your back pants pocket if you’re a male, in a zippered compartment of your purse, if you are female. Early in your trip get the local currency, the Yuan or RMB as it is called. The biggest denomination is 100 RMB or about $15 at roughly 7 to 1.


Carry a lots of 1 RMB coins for using buses and metros and have the exact change for taxis. Try getting foreign exchange in a big bank like the Bank of China or ICBC. Except for tourist spots and 5-star hotels, the Chinese don’t tip, even in restaurants. Large stores won’t bargain, but if you are in a boutique or street vendor, try your hand at bargaining.



The most important thing to remember is never to eat breakfast in a hotel. You must go to the street and have breakfast with the Chinese. Then you will find out how boring the "stylized breakfast" provided by the hotel is. In Chengdu, China, I used to eat different breakfast every day for three months. Its heaven!


7、Wilderness Hunter

When you arrive in a Chinese city, you must go to the local museum. Believe me, the history there will surely shock you. You can always feel intimate contact with cultural relics of thousands of years of history. Im afraid only China can make you feel this way at any time in the world.


8、Lunch bread next door

If you are going to Xian, China, to see the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, remember to take a bus code "A" and queue up at the bus stop to buy tickets.


Why do I give such a detailed introduction? Because in front of the stop sign, there is a bus terminus, in which there are both Tour No. 5 and informal tourist cars (blue). When queuing up, people in uniform will greet nearby: "Go to this side of the terracotta warriors and horses, do not queue up."


If you believe it, then you will see a group of false terracotta warriors and horses, although this is crazy, but believe me, this is the choice that everyone who goes there needs to face!


Of course, you can also ignore my advice, but in that case, it will be another interesting story! God, China is really a fantastic and interesting country!












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